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4 1/2" Football Ceramic Vase

4 1/2" Football Ceramic Vase

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#SKU - DL6501


5" Height
7" Width
3.5" Opening
5 1/4" Side width
3" x 3 3/4" Bottom Base

4.5" Football Ceramic Vase

Introducing our 4.5" Football Ceramic Vase, an ideal addition for sports-themed events, recreation centers, youth clubs, or any athletic festivities. This uniquely designed vase stands at 5" in height with a 7" width and features a 3.5" opening, providing ample space for creative floral arrangements. The football-inspired design includes a 5.25" side width, and the vase rests on a stable 3" x 3.75" bottom base. Combine style and functionality with this ceramic vase, making it a perfect centerpiece for occasions celebrating sports and athleticism.

We also have basketball, soccer, and golf ball ceramics available!

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