Creative and Popular Glass Vase Filler Ideas for Your Next Party

Creative and Popular Glass Vase Filler Ideas for Your Next Party

When it comes to decorations, in the home or at any venue, tons of decoration ideas can make a place come alive. At a wedding, ideas such as candles, ribbons, and confetti, can add some fun elements to everything. As part of the glamour at any party, however, items such as centerpieces can also make up a large part of the atmosphere. They complete a room and create a focal point.

From glass vases to tall vases, blue and red vases, and square and round ones, there is an array of different ideas that anyone can choose from to help bring some life into any occasion. Anyone who would love a bit of color added to an event can do wonders with display items involving different types of vases as well as fillers to match. It can sometimes be confusing when it comes time to choose the best-shaped vase or filler for the room.

Getting creative with your centerpieces doesn’t necessarily need to be a confusing endeavor. Whether it is coordinating your vase to the flowers or having a set theme of gold and silver displays, our guide to some of the top vases and vase filler ideas can help you come up with some amazing center displays that everyone will admire.

1. Personalizing Your Displays

Large table displays are rarely a thing at any event nowadays. What’s become the more popular idea is personalizing your displays with things like miniature bouquets inside some cute and unique vases, and having one for each guest.  

If it seems like a lot of work or money, the smartest thing you can do is to buy in bulk, which is a much more cost-effective option, especially for occasions such as a wedding, receptions, birthdays, or anniversary parties. 

Why not purchase a couple of different colored square glass cubes, from an online wholesaler, in the smallest sizes available, and place them in front of each guest’s dinner plate? You can give each guest a different colored one, or keep things the same.

Not only would they admire the efforts you have put into the displays but when the party is over, they can also take them home as a memento or party favor when they leave. You can go glamourous and choose the gold or silver glass cubes, or if it’s a funkier theme, you can go for the brighter colors such as pinks, yellows, and reds instead.

2. Spray Pained Coffee Beans Inside a Cube Square Vase

Who knew something so simple could look so elegant? Ever tried to spray paint some coffee beans gold or silver and add them inside a glass vase? If not, now is your chance. Add a golden-colored candle in the center of the beans, inside the cube square glass vase, and see what a difference it makes.

All you need for this is an aerated space, a can of spray paint, your golden or silver candle, and a glass vase. Not only can it be used as a centerpiece for some quirky events but you can use it in your home too. Plus, who doesn’t love the smell of coffee in the air?

If you want to go a step further, why not spray paint the vase itself? There are a few different ways you can adorn a plain glass vase and craft stores have paint specifically for glass materials that don’t rub off easily. You can choose a ribbon or rope to tie around the vase, or you can get some craft glue and stick some glitter on the container to give it a sparkly effect. You can buy a lace stencil and decorate it that way too. The choices are endless.

3. Something Other Than Flowers

Glass vases should never be restricted to only flowers. you should use them for different things, and some of the most popular items to place in them, besides flowers, are potpourri, floating tea candles, shells, different colored marble pebbles, dried fruit displays, and more

Try this trick – buy yourself a few different types of glass vases, with different shapes and sizes, such as a tall cylindrical glass vase, a fluted glass vase, and a tall square glass vase, and add some dried fruit potpourri into each one, then place them all together in the center of a table to create a feature piece or place them around the venue in different locations, helping to keep in line with the theme.

4. A Mini Garden 

Who doesn’t love a cute little garden on top of a table? You can turn around a dish garden glass vase into a mini garden right on top of any table. Add some soil to it, a few miniature cacti, throw in some pebbles and cute little decorative pieces such as wooden butterflies, ladybugs, and fairly displays, and add some other quirky and creative things to it such as different colored sand. But make sure it doesn’t look too busy, and see how it changes the vibe of any room and your guests.

Many people love to do this, especially for children’s parties that they throw in the backyard, and is also a great idea for a summer barbeque or a picnic party with friends and family. It is not difficult, and everything can be bought at crafts, supply, or garden stores. Get your kids involved and ask them to create a display for themselves and their friends. It could be a great arts and crafts project for them too. 

Besides the above ideas for tabletops, there are also other great concepts you can embrace for your own home, such as adding large floor vases that can look amazing in your entryway. Add a few long birch branches inside them and display them near the door. Large acrylic ice, glass beads, river rocks, dry organic materials, or driftwood are also some of the other popular and aesthetically pleasing items that people choose to add to their holders.

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